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Who to Contact


In order to stop abortion drugs from coming to campus, we are asking all pro-life advocates to contact key people at state universities. Below you can find a list of who to contact and key talking points to use.


  • Student health centers are not equipped to determine the location, size, and development of a preborn child.

  • The abortion pill, RU-486, cannot be used past ten weeks, meaning accurate assessment of pregnancy is necessary via ultrasound.

  • Without ultrasounds, camps health centers are incapable of detecting whether a pregnancy is ectopic or intrauterine, meaning they could be held liable for improperly giving out abortion pills.

  • RU-486 can cause extreme bleeding, and universities are not equipped to properly respond to these complications or to administer blood transfusions should a woman  hemorrhage.

  • Colleges could face legal liability should a woman die after taking the RU-486 abortion pill … and the FDA reports that at least 22women have already died from RU-486 complications -- four of them in California.


University of California System:


Kieran Flaherty, Associate Vice President and Director

Phone: (916) 445-9924


Karen French, Associate Director, Legislative Affairs


Meredith Turner, Associate Director, Institutional Relations and Advocacy


Angela Gilliard, Legislative Director


Jason Murphy, Legislative Director


Tyler Aguilar, Legislative Director

Phone: (916) 445-9924


The contact info for each university can also be found here:


California State University System


Advocacy and State Relations:

Phone: (916) 445-5983


Andrew Martinez, Senior Legislative Advocate


Nichole Muñoz-Murillo

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