Students for Life of America


Media: Kristi Hamrick:

Senator Dodd is a known Catholic in the Napa Valley Community and has been heavily involved in Justin-Siena High School, including his contributions towards and the naming of Dodd Stadium. Yet he is a co-author of California Senate Bill 24, which intends to mandate all California public universities to distribute abortion drugs through their campus health centers, turning our universities into abortion vendors. SB-24 is contrary to Catholic teaching and explicitly promotes access to abortion for young, vulnerable women. This bill is not only deadly to the preborn children whose lives will be ended by the procedure, but it is also dangerous for the young women who will be taking these drugs by themselves in their dorm rooms and shared bathrooms. It also violates the conscience rights of those working in the health centers who do not want to participate in abortion as well as taxpayers who will ultimately

be paying for these abortions.


For these reasons, Students for Life of America, along with members of the Napa Valley Community and Catholics united throughout the country do not find Senator Dodd to represent Catholic principles. By co-authoring SB-24, Senator Dodd is openly in opposition of Catholic teaching and thus should not be honored at a Catholic high school. We respectfully ask that Justine-Siena High School remains faithful to Catholic teaching and stands in defense of the sanctity of life by renaming Dodd Stadium.