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Sign Up your school to participate!

Join the coalition of California Students for Life groups to oppose SB-24. SB-24 will mandate that all UC and CSUs administer the abortion pill on campus. Let’s stop this bill!


Once your group joins the coalition, we’ll send you a Stop Campus Abortions Kit. Here’s what will be expected of your group when you join the coalition:

  1. Ask other campus groups like College Republics, Cru, Newman Centers, etc. to join the coalition

  2. Table with our #NoCampusAbortions display 

  3. Collect petition signatures by tabling on campus, at churches, going door to door, and promoting it on social media

  4. Participate in other activities in our Mobilization Kit such as writing letters to the editor, sharing our social media campaign, and creating awareness of the effects of RU-486​

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